• Wes Bos 30-day challenge - Day 9 [done]
  • Udemy python course up to section 7
  • Webdev - 280-283


Started the udemy python course I got just to see a bit more of what python was like to see if later I’d like to test out the waters for a django or flask build of a project. Interesting language, with lots of neat functions and patterns for dealing with string manipulation. Reminds me a lot of perl for that reason just because of the flexibility of it all.

The WEbdev course is starting to refactor yelp camp into modules and it’s starting to look quite nice and modular. The part I am not sure about though is when to export an immediately-invoked function, a function to be called later, or just expose the object completely through the export. While I know I can do anything for my sake, it’d be nice to know the convention of it all. At the very least, it’s nice to not just be polluting the global name space.

Did some reading today about some of the newer iterations of the C language (C2 and Dlang) and it’s interesting because I can see how some people would like some of the advantages of newer language constructs. I do remember liking C a lot because it gave an incredible amount of control, and at the same time hating how janky the make files all felt. Will have to see, I have not been doign really any systems or application coding right now, but good to keep on things

Todo Thoughts:

  • Haskell and yesod
  • Phoenix and elixer
  • Python and flask and sqlalchemy
  • Python and django
  • Java*