Summer has come and gone, the fall routine is here. Over the last few months I have read some really cool articles/posts, and I thought I’d post a selection of them here with a short thought about each.



  • A gentle intro to Clojure

    I am a sucker for functional languages, but I haven’t gotten as familiar with clojure and I would like some days. This is an interesting read with a cool application to the Github API.

  • Clojure for the brave and true

    Have only skimmed the TOC, but looks very very cool



  • Go by Example

    A friend and I have challenged ourselves to try and solve 2021’s advent of code in a language that we don’t feel strong in. We decided on Go for this year, this site is definitely going to be a good resource.


  • Learn CSS

    Google released a new learn CSS platform based on their successful ‘CSS podcast’. It looks pretty amazing!

  • Creating UI Components in SVG

    If there is one lesson I learned when working on Exercism’s syllabus map is that SVGs and programmatically generated SVGs can be amazing. Sarah Drasner’s overview of using them for UI is great.

  • Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS

    Wow, what an awesome article to help you really understand the method behind the details


Javascript / React

  • Fundamentals of Redux Course from Dan Abramov

    An older course, but still relevant as redux has played a large part in shaping the modern SPA-landscape for controlling/consolidating app-wide state. It seems there is a shift with “new” concepts like React’s Context, but good overview and Dan Abramov is very good.

  • React XSS Protection Cheat Sheet

    nice overview of practices to protect your viewers/users/clients

  • react2025

    Cool tutorial/walk-through using Next.js/React, integrating Firebase and Stripe, deploying to Vercel

  • Multistep Forms in React with Awesome Ux

    A cool series of articles detailing multi-step forms in react


  • Prolog meta-interpretation for syntax checking

    I’m a sucker for interesting applications of prolog. While it is super slow, using it for niche instances like this makes a lot of sense to me since it is so good for DSLs with its DCG syntax

Ruby / RoR

Software Development / Other