• Wes Bos’s flexbox video re: horizontal and vertical centering
  • Price flexbox
  • Udemy course lecture 260/261/262

Restful Routes:

Name Url Verb Description
INDEX /dogs GET Display list of dogs
NEW /dogs/new GET Displays form to make a new dog
CREATE /dogs POST Add new dog to DB
SHOW /dogs/:id GET Shows info about one dog
  • Mongo DB Command db.collection.drop() – destructive remove


As I am working through the flexbox guide, i like that I feel like I can create a consistent, modern style with css without just copying everything or relying on bootstrap to do it for me. If anything, the practice with the CSS making real world type tasks is great.

Also, mongoose is great, makes express very fast to develop websites. Did the three lectures by watching the introductory objectives, pausing, then attempting to do it through the docs/api/memory and it turned out it is extremely intuitive once you have the express/mongoose pattern down.