• Wes Bos 30-day challenge - day 22
  • Webdev - up to 310


Wes Bos

I really liked this session today, as this effect is really really cool. I didn’t like how it started in the top left at first though, so I played around with it to appear at the first mouseover, then translate/transform from there on. I also added a fade out timer, so that 3 seconds after mouseout it fades away. When another mouseover is performed, it fades back in where it was then moves to the new location.

I also really liked using browsersync to make working on this even easier. Like wow, you just don’t realize how much time you spend just reloading that thing manually.


Starting to really come together with YelpCamp. Now campgrounds have authorization to edit/update/delete. Thing is that comments are still orphaned I think if the campground is deleted as there is no relational CASCADE operation defined.

Express middleware is starting to make a lot of sense as is the general structure of express.

I am enjoying the decisions I have made to diverge from Colt’s approach to yelp camp. To review:

  1. Using bootcamp 4 vs bootcamp 3
  2. Decided to make an effort to not reveal database implementation if able, so masking the ‘_id’ param as ‘id’
  3. Using ‘where’ and ‘x’ [update delete] vs the one method
  4. Using the populate path as opposed to another mongo query

I think I’m getting more out of it in general this way, and it gives me a better representation for a portfolio if need be.