So much has happened in the past week here on the homefront (see: kids), that I don’t feel like I have had to much accomplished. Been trying to slowly chip away at styling this page, and I have been making a few small changes for the better I think.

Been trying to read a lot about this stuff, so that even if I am not actively working on it that I am continuing to learn. Some interesting articles this week:

Also, been doing a little python scripting to learn how to make use of it’s really powerful text/file manipulations. For this site, I have probably 40 posts transferred over from a running google doc, which I pasted into a pretty arbitrary .md format. I used a bit of python code to reformat them all! Learned something new, and saved me a ton of really boring copy-editing work!

import os
import re

p = re.compile('code-journal-([0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2})\.md')

for file in os.listdir('.'):
    m = p.match(file)
import os
import re
import fileinput

filename_re = re.compile('[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{2}-code-journal\.md')
title_re = re.compile('^title: Code Journal - ((Jan|Feb) ([0-9]{1,2}))$');

for file in os.listdir('.'):
    dstr = ''
    month = ''
    dnum = ''

    file_already_fixed = False

    if filename_re.match(file):
        for line in fileinput.input(file, inplace=True):
            line = line.rstrip()

            # don't try and fix what ain't broke
            if file_already_fixed:

            if line.startswith('title:'):
                m = title_re.match(line)

                # if this regex doesn't match, then the file is already fixed
                if not m:
                    file_already_fixed = True

                dstr =
                month =
                dnum =

                print('title: Code Journal')

            elif line.startswith('description:'):
                print('description: ' + dstr)

            elif line.startswith('# ' + dstr):



It’s just shocking to me how easy this all is in this language – but it’s probably liek this in any of the scripting text based languages. It reminds me a lot of just how powerful perl is for things, but perl being out of flavor and in an identity crisis, python is relatively easier to get into right now.

I’d probably like to talk about perl a little bit later, as someone trying to get back into things, but I’ll leave that for another day.