I cannot tell you how much I love handlebars. I know, i know, i know… So much of what I’ve written on here so far is along the lines of “I can’t believe how much better things are now than they used to be”. But that is because it is true. I can tell you first hand, one of the main reasons I stopped with webdev for a good period of time is because I really disliked pixel-perfect design that was all made with tables and divs and whatnot -> flexbox, css grid, css 3 has changed all of that. I disliked the tediousness of minute updates in many areas -> templating methodologies has changed that.

Handlebars just makes it so easy. Get the data as a JSON with axios.js, manipulate the JSON to whatever form you want, plop it as an parameter to a handlebars template, watch your website come alive. Now seeing that PHP has its own (LightNCandy) is great. Seriously needed stopgap between nothing, and more heavily opinionated frameworks.

It has become apparent to me that at the very least, I really am enjoying this path, relearning what I knew, and making plans to forage into new territory. Plans as of this moment:

  1. Get ShiftTracker to a working state.
  2. Hammer through the rest of WebDev Udemy Course
  3. Decide on a functional programming diversion to learn something new
    • either haskell/yesod, or elixer/phoenix, or elm, or scala, or clojure, or rust…
    • I picked up the humblebundle with 15 functional programming books, so lots to choose from
  4. Finish some other udemy corses, eduonix react course, and so much more…

So much to do, so little time. Oh, and on top of that, flying to the homeland next week.