Okay, so this one will be brief, but jest need to jot down some ideas.

Taking a break from Ruby for a couple days. Going to re-aquaint myself with PHP and learn how to program in the modern style.

Got my laravel docker stack all set up, with a bit of trouble, but is to be expected.

But I’ve learned several neat things (which I think I knew but never really dug in to):

  • ASDF version control installs composer (awesome!) with PHP
  • Namespacing and autoloading in PHP is awesome (awesome!) compared to the old ways of include and require
  • Docker (and docker-compose) makes so many things handy to implement (awesome!)
    • This stack is php_fpm/nginx/mysql/phpmyadmin, think about installing all of that by hand! 😑

I’m looking forward to a romp through PHP-land for the next few days.