• Work through Wes Bos’s flexbox guide (currently video 13/20 or so)
  • start lecture 255 (web developer bootcamp)
  • get mongo db running (previously installed)
  • mongod batch file
  • Mongo – needs to run from cmd +/- administrator priv
  • learn the basic commands:
  • Use
  • use db
  • Insert
  • db.collection_path.insert({k:v})
  • Find
  • db.collection_path.find()
  • Update
      name: "Lulu"
      $set[a]: {
        name: "Tater"

db._collection_path_.remove({match criteria})[.limit(n)]


Shoulda started this journal up a couple months ago when I decided that it would be my goal to re-acquaint myself with computer science principles, practices and coding exercises. Up to now, my progress is really only marked by: my github contributions graph, the seemingly exponential increase in my firefox bookmarks, the books I have bought/downloaded/read, and the udemy/Wes Bos classes I am participating.

I will touch on my intentions with this later, but overall it has been nice to see purpose in all the schooling I did for my first degree.

Mongo db is interesting stuff. I can see why very popular in the js world just because of the similiarities to JSON. If I hadn’t played with firebase and angular, I think it’d be a lot more disorienting to use a relative un opinionated database.

Flexbox stuff is very interesting, as I can see how it could be used especially when used to display collections of data. I think I’ll really like CSS grid when I get to it, because like bootstrap 4, it produces an effect, but it still feels like a hack and like I am cheating to manipulate the display by manipulating the markup.

I wish I still had my old old old website from grade school when I made a warcraft/starcraft fan site just because of how hacked it felt to use tables to display everything. How ancient that feels from what I am now able to accomplish with HTML5/CSS3/JS/NODE.