Watched a brief talk about the state of .NET, and I’m interested in how popular C# is. I have read about it’s popularity based on its performance, but never really used it myself. Going to download Visual Studio so that given time I can hack together something simple with it.

Ok, got the installer, and no, not going to install vs community on the surface. One checkbox and it’s 7gb, two check boxes and its 15gb. This drive only has 54gb free, so…. No win there. Maybe will try on the desktop later!

  • Make progress on Wes Bos’s Flexbox guide
  • Did the flexbox-nav video guide
  • Started the flex-box nav toggle video guide
  • Start looking at mongoose for node/express/mongodb

Got introduced to gulp, gulp-autoprefixer through the flexbox guide. Will have to look into this as it sure is a handy build tool with npm. Would be interested in seeing how gulp plays with webpack since it’s a popular new choice.

The responsive nature of flexbox is super interesting as well. One comment Wes made is that need to move animations out of the DOM / JS and put them in the CSS as able, so need to look into that with flex box, specifically, how does a menu slide open with flexbox.

To Do Later:

  • Find example of flexbox slide menu