• Start Wes Bos’ 30-day challenge - Day 1 [done]
  • RedHat Openshift Learning portal
  • Getting Started with OpenShift for Developers
  • CLI
  • Dashboard

Openshift Command Reference

  • oc login [--username <usr>] [--password <pw>] [url]
  • oc whoami
  • oc status
  • oc logout

  • oc new-project <project_name>
  • oc project <project_name>

  • oc config get-clusters

  • oc adm policy add-role-to-user edit|view|admin <usr> -n <project>

  • oc get all -o name
  • oc get all --selector app=<appname> -o name
  • oc delete
  • oc expose
  • oc describe

REST - Webdev Lecture 263/264

Name Url Verb Description Mongoose properties
INDEX /dogs GET Display list of dogs Dog.find()
NEW /dogs/new GET Displays form to make a new dog N/A
CREATE /dogs POST Add new dog to DB Dog.create
SHOW /dogs/:id GET Shows info about one dog Dog.find({key:value}), Dog.findById()
EDIT /dogs/:id/edit GET Show Edit Form Dog.find({key:value}), Dog.findById()
Update /dogs/:id PUT Update dog, then redirect Dog.where({key:value}).update({}), Dog.findByIdAndUpdate()
Destroy /dogs/:id DELETE Delete a dog Dog.where({key:value}).remove(), Dog.findByIdAndRemove()

Got the basic structure of the blog node/express/ejs/mongo/semantic-ui app started.