• Wes Bo’s 30-day challenge - Day 2 [done]
  • Red hat OpenShift tutorials
  • Lectures 265/266/267 [done]


Day 2 of Wes Bos’ challenge was really fun, felt like I had a good handle on the solution without much looking up. It’s definitely an accomplishment since a few months ago I know I was not able to do that anymore without extensive googling. Looking forward to day 3.

Didn’t get to OpenShift today, as was busy with other things. Did a bit of EEG training for work (self-study guided modules) instead. I am looking forward to it because I think that platform, at the very least, is excellently documented and the walkthroughs are very good.

No matter the Iaas/PaaS (google cloud platform, aws, digital ocean), they are all very similar, so getting to know a free one would be excellent.

Did lectures 265-267 of the webdev bootcamp. Have semantic ui working, and it is nice to see a different toolkit for css styling. I saw semantic ui as an alternative a long time ago, and hadn’t ever had a chance to muck around with it, but I enjoy the lack of coded class names. Very easy to work with.

Also now have the blog edit/post routes set up. Very slick how it is all handled. Of course, it is handled without much validation, but it makes a good show of how simple express can make things look.