• Wes Bos 30-day challenge - Day 10 [done]
  • Webdev - Up to 287


Enjoyed day 10 of the 30-day challenge, I really liked that I was able to figure out a solution all out myself. I can really appreciate his solution though, some of the things like knowing that DOM events have a shift key modifier attribute? I wouldn’t have even thought to look for that, though his solution is likely the way most people use shift clicking for multiple items. At the very least, it feels like I am really starting to know the DOM and be useful and effective.

Interesting to see how the implementation of yelpcamp is coming along, the instructor has a plan for fleshing it all out, but he hasn’t really outlined very robust steps for developing a website like this from scratch. Would be great to see an implementation plan. For example:

  1. Define basic website flow
  2. Define Schemas
  3. Define basic controller interactions / state map / process maps
  4. Define RESTful routes
  5. Create basic file structure
  6. Create boilerplate


  • Npm init
  • Install express, mongoose, etc…
  • Setup nodemon, refreshify
  • Setup grunt tasks/webpack
  • Create basic landing page
    • Determine CSS framework (if any) – Semantic UI / Bootstrap
    • Determine template engine – ejs vs handlebar
    • Start fleshing out RESTful routes

Maybe that’s just the limitation of this type of learning environment and since his priority is bite-sized introduction to the technologies used for modern web design.